Is it woke

Rants torments miserably old guy

let us be honest about some things, that are seldom mentioned. In this woke world, let us start with skin tone. There are times when saying white black yellow is part of identification as has much has it is to do with intent. My first-hand experience is that you can push ignorance and prejudice underground. Where it festers, becoming worse. hate for race or skin colour lacks imagination We will come back to this further along.

sexually assaulting somebody is appalling.

A different type of assault is to promise, sexual favour and then renege on the promise. When the set of requirements has been met. To sexually assault is wrong. Similarly sleeping to the top. etc now quite honestly these last 2 will predominantly apply to females out in the world. but guys know assaulting a woman sexually or otherwise is wrong no if’s or buts & when I hear of it happening. I feel shame for my gender.

let me expand first, I have 2 sisters we are all within 3 years of each other an a mother & I have been with the same woman for nearly 30 years. women have their own Wiley’s and know how to manipulate males there are occasions when this is not ok.

Back to the first part of skin tone, I have a very unusual Christain name and surname. I live in the UK, so this next bit may be wont make much sense, in some parts of the world such as the USA. As there are many nations mixed together with so many different name origins.

older countries’ names are more to the areas they came from, strangely you can know somebody for a very long time and they not know your name or your full name. the first couple of times I was blanked after somebody learned my full name I don’t think I realised I was the subject of racism this would be the 60s or early 70s I would probably have laughed my head off as well had I realised that.

 But over the years I came to the conclusion that in fact, you could hide behind silence, which would also be detrimental to getting on as well. let’s start with a couple of incidents in my life. The first is quite funny. and happened just a few days ago. I went to see the doctor, who turned out to be a doctor I had not seen before. A young Asian female doctor I went into her office she indicated a chair. she looked at her screen and saw my name suddenly. looked at me again and ask me to confirm my name basically she had me down as over middle-aged guy all normal stuff the name put me out as something unusual I saw it in her eyes, similarly, I always know when it is me next in the queue to have my name read out I see their eye cross and uncross how the hell do I say this will I look a fool for saying it wrong will they even understand English etc, mostly I jump to there aid

the other is less funny and simpler somebody that I had quite a fun time with a friend found out my full name (not that it was hidden ) after a few months met in the pub etc on the discovery of my none English name the did not want to know me happened the mid-80s this set me on the road to thinking about racism and skin tone and silly prejudices. I thought this could easily become the elephant in the room, particularly at the moment where mention of any difference is unspoken prejudice in itself. So often I will ignore that and take on the elephant itself. come on people not speaking about something is a problem in is self. woke alert to injustice in society, especially racism it doesn’t me do not speak

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